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4 A’s of Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Appreciation to Action as a Pathway to Fulfilling and Productive Lives

Free Autism Workshop with Dr. Stephen Shore - 4 A's of Autism

Presented by Stephen Shore, Ed.D. – Clinical Assistant Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University, NY.

The 4 A’s of Autism. We are transitioning from “awareness” to “acceptance” and headed to “appreciation” as society takes “action” in valuing individuals on the autism spectrum for whom they are. Examples of people, organizations, and entire countries at each stage of development will be presented.

After this workshop, participants will be able to…

1. Understand the context of awareness and acceptance as a pathway towards appreciation where people on the autism spectrum are valued for whom they are.

2. Describe at least two examples where a perceived weakness can be considered as a strength for leading a fulfilling and productive life.

3. Transition from thinking of autism in terms of deficit, disorder, and disability to an abilities-based model of autism by asking what *can* the individual do.

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