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Adaptive Physical Education Classes Get Instruction from Go Noodle

Go Noodle

Shema Kolainu has recently introduced and incorporated a new program into the adaptive physical education curriculum.

Go Noodle is an online program that has a wide variety of activities that motivate students to get up and moving. The activities focus on guided dancing, deep breathing, free movement, running, stretching, coordination, kinesthetic learning and exercise.  

Activities include kids’ Zumba that has simple rhythms and movements for the students to follow, warm up and cool down videos and easy workouts that are filled with colors and fun music. A warm-up that is used often is called Pop-See-Ko, where students repeat after the characters and perform a series of movements.

The students love this activity and are able to make up their own movements at the end; it gives them the opportunity to be creative as well as active.  

Maximo is a cool down activity that focuses on balance, stretches and also has a fun cartoon character that talks the students through the cool down and makes them laugh. There are kinesthetic activities where workouts incorporate numbers and letters, teaching the kids while getting their heart rate up.  

Each class is set up by their age group and activities are chosen in accordance to their athletic ability.  

Students are able to move at their own pace and teachers are able to follow along, helping students along the way as necessary.  

Each class is also assigned a cartoon creature with fun names such as Sqeaky Laroo, which grows and gets stronger after every activity the class completes.  

The students are able to watch the creature grow and when it has gotten to its strongest, the class gets a certificate and picks a new creature to help grow strong.    

What makes the program even better is that it enables the students to set up their own account so they can continue their progress at home, allowing parents to be a part of the fun and get active as well.

The program has really taken off with an excellent start. The students are having fun, learning and being active.  

Such a great combination!!!   

Go Noodle
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