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Autism Awareness Day 2012

Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices - Center for Children with Autism and Other Related Disabilities

Each year SKHOV holds a graduation ceremony at Brizzi Park across the street from SKHOV. We also take this opportunity to invite families, the public and city officials in order to raise the awareness of autism in our community. By informing and educating the public about autism we can rally support for our cause and hopefully make a difference in the laws and funding available to all people affected by autism.   Some of those who came on this day to show their support of autism awareness were Wolf Sender, District Manager at Community Board 12 (CB12) in Brooklyn, Karol Joswick also of CB12, NYPD Inspector Micheal Deddo, Sargeant Michael Andreano, Detective Michael Melisi all from Precinct 66 in Brooklyn. On this day each year we also take the time to celebrate our children and their accomplishments during the year. There are rides, games, face painting, and fun activities for all the children at the event. This year we gave thanks to all the leaders who helped us finish another successful year at SKHOV and some of the children gave their own presentations with a song or a poem. They worked very hard on preparing for the public presentation that day and we are very proud of all of them. We look forward to another successful year at SKHOV! 

Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

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