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Latest success stories, news and information concerning Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Neurodiverse Community

Psychological Gender Differences and Autistic Traits

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Dec 4, 2018 |
Children with Autism differences between genders

Children with autism are not just children with special needs; they display special qualities. It isn’t the same across the board for children with autism. Boys and girls process emotions…

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Neuro-acupuncture: Our Story

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Nov 25, 2018 |
Family tries out acupuncture to treat child with autism

Neuro-acupuncture is truly transforming the lives of many patients, including our son’s. This fairly young technique, combining Eastern Chinese Medicine (including Traditional Acupuncture) with Western Neuroscience helps people suffering from…

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Sensory Friendly Fashion for Autistic Youth

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Nov 15, 2018 |
Sensory Friendly Clothing for children with Autism

Children with autistic spectrum disorder feel everything quite differently than others. They have a unique way of speaking, feeling emotions and have a colorful imagination. One thing that they also…

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Back To School Time: Autism Mama Bear Talk

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Aug 27, 2018 |
First day of school

6:30 am – Alarm goes off playing some funky music, louder and louder as I struggle to swipe the screen to turn it off (note to self: change the alarm tone…

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How Pediatric Dentists Are Trained to Care for Children with Special Needs

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Aug 17, 2018 |
How Dentist treat children with Autism

by Dr. Steven DeLisle, board certified Dentist Anesthesiologist Finding the right dentist for your child can be a challenge, especially if your child has special needs. After all, the effects of a…

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The Beauty of Autism

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Jul 31, 2018 |
Beauty of Autism

By Ulrike Zimmermann When it comes to the topic autism, there are numerous prejudices. Society barely has an idea what this “disability” really means. There exists a vague and blurred…

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Equine Therapy Programs: A Parent’s Perspective

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Jul 5, 2018 |
Girl with Autism Riding Horse

I always thought that there was only one model of horse therapy which just meant horseback riding. I began learning about Equine Assisted Therapy Programs after I met a group…

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The Need for More Autistic Characters in Children’s Books

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Feb 8, 2018 |
Books for children with autism

by Dena Friedman For children with autism and their families, each day presents many new challenges. Among these is perception, or rather misperception of what living with autism means – for…

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Autism-Friendly Vacations Made Easier

By Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices | Jan 25, 2018 |
Child with autism stands on the beach

by Dena Friedman For families with an autistic child, planning a fun, relaxing and stress-free vacation can certainly be challenging given the potential for sensory overload – crowds, dizzying sights and…

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