“We are all equal and connected, regardless of our culture, religion, color, occupation, or financial means. This disease treats everyone equally. We are all in this together.”


-Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Founder and President of Shema Kolainu

Despite the extraordinary challenges of limiting our services to in-home care and education, Shema Kolainu is continuing to serve over 1,000 people with autism and related disabilities.

Help us keep our kids learning and supported through individualized online distance learning sessions with educators, therapists and special service providers. If you are in a position to donate, your gift of $180 will provide an autistic child with 6 months of specialized education and therapies.


By making a donation, you support Shema Kolainu’s mission to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) achieve their full potential for independence, productivity and inclusion in the community.  


You can also donate by calling 1-718-686-9600 or mailing a check to: 4302 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

How to Get Involved


There are many opportunities to support Shema Kolainu, from helping to fund therapy centers or providing classroom furnishings to sponsoring a child. To find out how you can by donating to one of our current programs or projects please email
There are many ways to make a gift that will help the children and families served by Shema Kolainu. Depending on your objectives, you can select a gift plan that will best serve you philanthropic and financial goals. Please read below for more information.

Donate Stocks


Stocks provide another way to support Shema Kolainu, while providing you with the potential opportunity to receive tax deductions. The best stocks to donate are those that have increased greatly in value, particularly those producing a low yield. If you wish to keep the stock in your portfolio, you can still give us the stock and use the cash to buy the same stock through your broker. You will receive the same income tax deduction but will have a new, higher basis in the stock.
To learn more about the benefits of donating securities, please email at

Donate Real Estate


Donating real estate provides an opportunity to support Shema Kolainu and to enjoy attractive benefits. For example, with a gift of real estate you can potentially receive tax benefits, generate income for yourself, or even continue to live in the house you donate.

A gift of real estate demonstrates a deep commitment to Shema Kolainu, and its impact on the organization is significant, helping to secure its future in the coming decades.

As you consider a gift of real estate, think about the property you own, then consider the financial and personal benefits that come from donating real estate. Ask yourself the following:
Do I own a property, such as a vacation home, that I don’t use very often?
Do I have real estate that is difficult or expensive to manage?
Will I owe significant taxes if I sell?
Do I have a substantial taxable income that a gift of real estate might offset?
Do I have a property that, if donated, would provide me with income?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of the questions above, you can benefit by gifting property to Shema Kolainu. For information, please contact us a

Benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor

  • Directly impacting the lives of children with ASD globally.

  • Networking capabilities with other global sponsors.

  • 12 month link to Shema Kolainu website.

  • Recognition in all media/ PR releases from Shema Kolainu for one full year.

  • Media exposure with internationally recognized organizations.


If your company would like to become a corporate sponsor and help us in the fight to find the causes and effective treatment for autism, please contact

Including Shema Kolainu in your will


A will is a declaration of what matters to you. By leaving a bequest to Shema Kolainu you will guarantee that the search for a cure continues. Bequest gifts are an important source of support for Shema Kolainu. They enable individuals the opportunity to make significant commitments that would otherwise not be possible in their lifetimes.

There are many ways to leave a bequest to Shema Kolainu in your will:

  • You can leave a set dollar amount

  • You can leave a particular asset such as securities, real estate or valuable collectible.

  • You can designate Shema Kolainu as the beneficiary of a percentage, or all, of your residuary estate after specific bequests are made to family or friends.

Your bequest to Shema Kolainu is completely deductible for estate tax purposes. For more information, please contact


Make a Difference Today!


Checks can also be addressed to Shema Kolainu and mailed to:

4302 New Utrecht Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11219


Thank You!