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Generosity is Chesed

So today I want to talk about generosity, also known as Chesed, it’s a quality a lot like kindness. Generosity.

People who are generous are kind. Kabbalah says that Chesed, the whole world is built on kindness, on generosity. So, we have to take heed of that because within each of us, there’s different levels of generosity, and also among the people we associate with.

Friends, family, neighbors, somebody displaying generosity is happy to give time, money, food or kindness to people in need.

And it could be anyone, even people they don’t know. Especially people they don’t know.

When you show generosity, you might give away things. Generosity is Chesed, is properly described as an act that has no cause. You do it through kindness, you do it through love, you do it because you have empathy for the other person.

A Chesed Act or an act of generosity is an act that is not recycled. For example, somebody’s anonymous gift to dedicate a scholarship fund, dedicate a school, it’s an act of generosity that is not recycled back. What does the person get for it?

There are different little things maybe.

It’s an anonymous gift to charity that you give, you give away X amount and it’s not recycled back except that you’ve done a good deed and you and your own way with Karman with G-D that is a different kind of connection.

So generosity is proactive, empathy for others, that’s what I’m getting at. We must have empathy, generosity and respond to generosity by teaching our students how to be generous. How to help others, how to be more giving. With something they bring in, or a toy they are playing, or a book they are reading. We have to foster more empathy in the classroom and also now, unfortunately through zoom, there are many acts of generosity that we can do. Kindness, that is amazing. Helping those at home.

So I wanted to focus on something that is very important to all of us, we are all kind because otherwise we wouldn’t choose this profession, but we can be kinder, we can be gentler, we can think of many of other things that we can do during this period, generosity of Chesed.

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