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Letters from Our Visitors

"Shema Kolainu is a center for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This school provides support for parents and caregivers to assist them how to have their child integrate within their community to the best of their ability. They do this through hosting workshops, parent training and webinars.

Shema Kolainu teaches parents and caregivers how to provide enjoyment for their individual during their leisure time. The parent training program provides them with training on implementing appropriate behavioral intervention plans to increase appropriate behaviors. They present them with different tools and techniques in how to go about their every day in a positive manner, and easing their lives in spite of living with a child diagnosed within the autism spectrum.

Shema Kolainu provides their students with special education and different therapies including speech, occupational, physical, art and music therapy. Additionally they train families and professionals how to include them in every day fun activities such as, taking them to pizza shops, shopping, parks, playgrounds and museums etc.

As a Medicaid Service Coordinator, I am grateful toward Shema Kolainu for providing a school and parent training for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum. With these programs they are given the opportunity to mingle with their peers in a fun filled manner, through compassionate and most caring staff."

"We are a 4410 special education preschool located in East Harlem. Many of our students this year present with severe language and communication delays. In an effort to optimize our service delivery to our students, my staff and I attended workshops given by Shema Kolainu Hear of Voices. I can attest to the excellent knowledge this staff has in the area of Autism. Chanah Kessler-Katz presented on Verbal Behavior, she discussed evaluation and treatment. The large audience was comprised of parents, teachers and school administrators. Ms. Katz answered all questions clearly and concisely, using every day language and avoided technical terms whenever possible.

We were so impressed by Ms. Katz's knowledge and presenting skills. She has a wonderful ability to share her cutting edge, research based knowledge about the treatment of children on the spectrum. Ms. Katz makes what can be an intimidating and confusing topic simple to understand. This is a rare talent and so needed when working with parents and educators who are facing the challenges that arise in educating children with special needs."

"As an educator, you are constantly seeking out resources to improve your teaching practices and strategies in order to meet the needs of your diverse classroom. In the field of Deaf education, there aren't many opportunities for professional development workshops in the New York area, let alone workshops that are provided a little to no cost. I have attended workshops that were conducted by Shema Kolainu-Hear our Voices organization and learn so many valuable skills and strategies that I currently implement in my daily lessons and activities.

I work with students who are Deaf and hard of hearing and have also been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Because of my students multiple disabilities, I am always seeking ways to meet their extensive sensory, communication, academic and physical needs. The types of students that are enrolling in our schools' program have many multiple disabilities. The workshops conducted by Shema Kolainu provided information and guidance to working with the changing population of students with multiple disabilities, which was so appropriate for my students.

I specifically attend workshops based on communication training, assessments, sensory integration, parental support, assistive technology, and modifying curriculum to meet diverse learners. These topics are very relevant to my students who are Deaf and Autistic. Specifically, I was able to learn how to meet my students' sensory needs through sensory integration methods. I was also able to introduce my administration to a new assessment tool that allowed me to accurately assess my students' communication abilities. I was one of many teachers in the audience but there were also a number of other professionals, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, administration, applied behavior analysts, and librarians, who benefited from the presentation and application of this information. Most importantly, there were many parents who benefited from the presentation and application of this information. Most importantly, there were many parents who were in the audience that benefited from the information and support of the presenters.

Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices workshops are incredibly useful to professionals who work with students with special needs as well as parents of children with special needs. I learned so many valuable strategies and gained many helpful tools to meet the needs of my students thanks to the dedicated team at Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices. I am looking forward to attending more workshops given by Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices in the future."

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning at Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

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Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning at Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

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