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Nonprofit Organization Easterseals Helps Families and Students With Autism

Easterseals, a nonprofit healthcare organization, is providing services to families and students with autism throughout the U.S.

Easterseals is a nonprofit healthcare organization providing services throughout the country to children and adults with autism and other special needs. Autism currently affects in 1in 54 children in the United States, according to recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. 

In a report this month, Miami Times Online highlighted Brandon Barham, a Pembroke Pines, Florida eight-year-old with autism. Brandon, who is African-American, was diagnosed with autism at age three, and is now a second-grader at Easterseals. According to Miami Times Online’s report, 40% of the school’s 140 students are black, and 75% are autistic. A recent study from the CDC found that black and Hispanic children tend to receive evaluations for autism later than white children, though the study found no overall difference in the number of black children with autism compared with the number of white children. 

Brandon’s mother, Nicole Barham, said he has improved significantly since starting at Easterseals.  

“Our son’s ability to focus is probably the biggest change we have noticed,” she was quoted as saying. “Now he transitions easily, which means he is ready to learn. He counts to 100, writes and works independently and even received an award for excellence in writing.” 

Barham said that, while she acknowledges her son’s differences, she has high hopes for a successful future.

“Some autistic children become independent, get married or live on their own, ” she said. “We don’t know how Brandon will turn out, but we know that God has chosen the perfect parents for him. We don’t dwell in our emotions, we just make sure he gets what he needs. And we still have high hopes and dreams for our son, he’s just gonna get there in a different way.”


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