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Prevailing Under Uncertainty

Prevailing Under Uncertainty from Shema Kolainu – Hear our Voices on Vimeo.

Thursday October 15

Today and everyday is a day of hope and empathy and ICare4Autism just completed a magazine and I’m just going to hold it up you’ll get it, you’ll get a copy, we did a special on this lady, Temple Grandin, Dr. Temple Grandin who is autistic herself, it just goes to show how a person can rise up, doesn’t matter if they have autism but if we put in our energy, if we put in our hope and as I always say if we PUSH – PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens and we have faith and we are connected, we will prevail and the children will make great strides and end up eventually in society helping out and being a part of society in a productive way, there is no stopping them, it is all our ability to push them gently with love, with empathy and with great effort and of course with passion.

So, the most important thing is every day when we see our children we give them hope, we give them our smile we give them our love and we always try to win their heart and to make them be attentive, to listen, to be interested to function in a way that they will have a good time away from the classroom, which is a very difficult thing.

We went through this once before, but we know it’s difficult, but we can do it. And Instead, never ever think of anything you do as a failure, as a negative, as something oh I missed something and …always go forward with positivity and you have a chance to reset things as you move along. And start again and refresh and prevail and continue to help our students through the best means we have at that moment and right now it’s through the internet, through Zoom, and when they come back, we can do it in the proper way face to face, so eventually, very soon we are going to return to the classroom with G-D’s help, and when we do we want the children to have continuity from the time they were home because don’t forget, every home is different, every home has some kind of stress, the parents have stress, there can be older siblings there, there can be younger siblings there, there can be two families, it’s unfortunate but it does happen, so and they may encounter a lot of anguish and moments of pain and we have to make sure that we realize that and that we can detect that and we can see the children in a way that we can help them.

So remember that every day is a life lesson for us as well as for the children. Every day is different, we can’t look back at yesterday. Today is the day that we must make it happen, today is the day that we must have our children happy and today is the day that we want them to enjoy every moment and to give them the attention and it’s very difficult I know, but give them that specific attention as if they were right in front of you, because sometimes, doing it through Zoom they are maybe even closer to you than they would have been in the classroom. So keep that in mind, keep positive, the technology that we have today can be utilized in stories, in videos in making their lessons very interesting to benefit the children and benefit the parents and this way there will be a better understanding of what we are doing, we’ll have a better feeling of how well we are doing our job, how well we are conveying our lessons and together we’ll overcome this and hopefully we won’t have to go back to this anymore, and once we overcome this it will be something that can lead to even better things. Because you remember the last time when they came in after the long period, you looked at their faces, you looked at their happiness, they were really full of joy, that is what we have to remember, so that’s what we have to do, have a great day and be happy and of course if you don’t smile now you won’t smile later.

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