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Continue to Teach With Passion

Wednesday October 14

Good morning,

So today I’m going to talk to you about teaching with passion.

How do you cope when you are being forced again to teach our children through Zoom without having them facing you? There is only one way and that is through passion.

As classes again moved online and we have to adjust to making teaching an extremely positive experience for our children. In all levels from pre-school and up there is a lot of hands-on learning and hands on learning through zoom is not an easy thing but we have the greatest staff and we already have the experience, and we’ve already come up with exciting methods and different teaching tricks and videos that we do with the kids to provide them a little love and hands on.

So, the fact is however, we still miss the personal interaction, there is nothing like that and they do miss it too. But with positivity and passion, we can still make inroads to easing the situation and really second time around, it is not easy for them and their parents, like the saying goes, you love what you teach, and they will love it too.

So, back again, how do we teach? We teach with passion and passion has a really motivating factor, so it is very significant that there is a need for high quality learning and teaching.

Passion is seeking for the new and experiencing new ideas.

Passion is based on effective teaching.

Passion which is essential for learning and teaching anytime and all the time, simplifies the learning in such a way that the children are really motivated and especially at times like this.

We know what it takes for our children to really listen to us, be with us, and feel us through the screen, through Zoom.

So, we have passionate teachers, and we have passionate supervisors, we really have a passionate staff and that makes all the differences, all the time, but especially today, tomorrow and until they lift this veil of lunacy from our head.

By creating this really environment that none us really enjoy.

So, remember that through our passion like one teacher recently said, “It’s just been really hard, so honestly the Zoom is as much for me to get to see the kiddies as it is for them to get to see me,” and that is the simple truth. Continue to teach with passion and our children will feel our love, will feel our affection and so will we. Have a great day and listen carefully, convey the love that is the most important thing, they must feel the love.

Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

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