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Students at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices Celebrate Graduation

This week, Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices held its annual graduation ceremonies for both School Age and Pre-school students. Attended by parents & families, the graduations featured slideshow presentations highlighting major events and activities throughout the school year. The older student’s performance included short speeches discussing their future dreams and goals.

Ms. Esti Reich, one of the teachers who helped organize the graduation ceremony for the older students, described it as a moving and meaningful experience.

“The graduation was very emotional,” Esti said, “The fact that the children were able to follow instructions and feel proud. Just to see them grow was very emotional.”

Ms. Simi Wholberg, who teaches Shema Kolainu’s preschool students, also shared her thoughts on the graduation ceremony she helped organize with fellow teacher Ms. Toby Apflebaum.

“We organized a “Mommy-and-Me” style graduation,” Simi explained. “First we watched a video of the events that happened throughout the year, followed by activity centers that the parents and children participated in. The students had an opportunity to decorate graduation hats, create necklaces and be photographed at the photo booth.

“It’s the culmination of the entire year, and progress all of the students skills,” Simi said. “When you watched a video from the first day until now, you could see how their skills have changed.”

One example, Simi said, was the students’ communication skills, which she said have improved significantly since they first started at Shema Kolainu.

“The students came in last year using one word, or gesture, to communicate, and they now speak four word sentences,” she explained. “Some kids who came in using approximations like sounds now have full words. So it’s really amazing to see that.”

That feeling was surely shared by the parents of Shema Kolainu’s students. The parents, who visited during this week’s graduation ceremonies, observed first-hand the incredible growth and progress their children have made over the past year, and the many wonderful experiences made possible by Shema Kolainu’s dedicated staff. Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices looks forward to many more unforgettable moments, and many more graduation ceremonies in the future.

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