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Students at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices Get to Explore Hatzolah Ambulance

On Thursday, students at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices (SKHOV) got a first-hand glimpse at the inside of a Hatzolah ambulance.

The demonstration was part of an ongoing project to teach SKHOV students about participating in the community by introducing them to doctors and community helpers, such as Hatzolah volunteers. The project also focused on “green” and “red” behaviors, with green representing good behaviors and red representing behaviors people shouldn’t have. Meeting with community helpers is an educational experience for students, helping them develop a better understanding of these services and appreciate that they’re designed to help.

Tziporrah Roth, a teacher at SKHOV, explained that the goal was to educate students on, “How to help themselves by bringing them into a real-world situation.”

The students in the classroom learned about the different medical professions, the instruments that are used and why they are used. Roth added that Hatzolah served as a “doctor’s office on wheels” to help students understand that doctors and EMT’s are here to help and nothing to be afraid of.

While learning about the community in the classroom, Roth noted that the children gain more of an understanding when they experience things in person.

In addition to personally interacting with a member of Hatzolah, the children got to experiment with ambulance equipment, such as a radio and stethoscope. The hands-on demonstration offered the children an opportunity to learn more about Hatzolah, an organization that works tirelessly to save lives.

Hatzolah is a volunteer emergency medical service organization that has been serving communities around the world for decades.

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