On Mother’s Day, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Honors Moms of Patients, Including Those With Autism


This Mother’s Day, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta highlighted several exceptional mothers of their patients who have gone the extra mile, including the mothers of children with autism.  

“We see countless moms in our hospital hallways every day, climbing seemingly insurmountable mountains,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying in a report by Wsbtv.com. “Moms who face incredible challenges and rise to the occasion with grace, hope, resilience, poise and superhuman strength.” 

One of the mothers highlighted was Dani, whose daughter, Piper, was diagnosed with autism at 12 months old, and who was enrolled in a clinical trial at Marcus Autism Center at just two weeks old. Working with the organization’s team enabled Piper to make significant progress in her communication skills and capabilities.   

“Autism is not a life-ending diagnosis. It comes with challenges, but it also comes with a lot of beautiful benefits,” Dani said. “The more you know and the more assistance you have, the better outcome you have.” 

Also highlighted was Grace, a patient who tragically lost her life due to osteosarcoma. Grace’s mother, Vicki, honored her legacy by training to compete in the Swim Across America competition. This required rigorous training, such as waking up at 4:00 am to swim in the same lane where Grace had trained herself.   

The article also highlighted the success stories of several young patients. One was 3-year-old Caroline, who survived brain concern and a tumor thanks to the hospital’s extraordinary staff. Another, Reese, was diagnosed with a form of cancer known as Sacrococcygeal Teratoma at 10 months old, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. After four rounds of both, Reese and her family were given the opportunity to “ring the bell” to signify the end of their cancer battle.
Source: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/superhuman-strength-childrens-healthcare-atlanta-spotlights-patients-moms-mothers-day/4TPFKTCDKFFUZH7UVY2B7UWWVI/
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