Newtown, Pennsylvania To Hold Educational Panel and Workshop on Autism and First Responders


An education panel and workshop on safety for people with autism and first responders will be held at the Newtown Theater in Newtown, Pennsylvania on April 6th, according to a report by

Titled “Staying Safe: Autism and First Responders,” the workshop will be hosted by the nonprofit organization Potential, and will be open to local first responders, individuals, families living with autism, and professionals who work with people on the spectrum.

“While every person with autism is different, there is a high likelihood that a child or even adult with autism will not respond to directions and may become combative when touched," Kristine Quinby, the founder, president and CEO of Potential, was quoted as saying by "Some may even run away, putting themselves and first responders who are trying to care for them in danger. That is why it is so important for there to be training for our police officers, EMTs, and firefighters, as well as individuals with ASD.” 

Advance registration is available at

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