11-Year-Old With Autism From England Pens Poem Describing Covid-19 Experience


The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted the daily routines of many people on the autism spectrum. Logan Richards, an 11-year-old boy with autism and dyslexia from Hull, England, shared experience of the coronavirus lockdown in a poem, titled “Autism Agony – Covid 19.” According to a report this month by Hull Daily Mail, Logan is a natural-born singer and actor. His mother, Caroline Medforth, says the goal of the poem, adapted from one Logan wrote earlier this year, is raising autism awareness. 

“He has got a Facebook page 'Logan Richards Autistic Spectrum performance journey' and he shares how things affect him," she said. “He shares his story with feelings, mainly positive but some negative, to show people that if you've got autism you can still do good stuff even though it's hard.”  

In his poem, Logan described the challenge of remembering and following the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.  

“I'm trying to remember the two-meter rule,” he wrote. “I don’t understand changing the rules, making my friends feel really confused.” He also described performing as a respite from the anxiety brought on by the pandemic. 

“With the diagnosis, my family can feel easier, a boy called Logan with autism and dyslexia,” he wrote. “What are these words I hear you say, just a loving boy in every way passion for performing is where I should be, where my worries and anxiety are temporarily free.”
Logan concluded by writing he hopes his poem will be a source of comfort and inspiration, rather than anxiety.  

“My family are proud with what I’ve achieved before lockdown and now through this virus,” he wrote, “so I wish this poem is gratefully received and brings smiles to your faces regardless.” 

Source: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/living-autism-coronavirus-lockdown-hull-4121193
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