South Carolina “Pacing 4 Pieces” Marathon Raises Funds For Autism Resource Organization


This month, the eighth annual Pacing 4 Pieces Half Marathon and 5k Run/Walk will be held in Florence, South Carolina. The marathon is the largest fundraiser for All 4 Autism, a South Carolina-based autism advocacy organization. On its website, All 4 Autism describes its mission as “increasing awareness, resources and support for those of all ages with autism spectrum disorder in the Pee Dee.” The Pee Dee is a region of Carolina located in the northeastern corner of the state. 

According to a Pacing 4 Pieces announcement cited by, proceeds from the marathon will help fund the Autism Resource Center of the Pee Dee, the first and only center in the region. Jessica Brown, the executive director of Pacing 4 Pieces and the mother of a son with autism herself, said the organization was created to promote autism awareness, and to increase local support and resources for the autism community. 

In 2016, Brown and Amy Pennington, a runner and race director, joined All 4 Autism as the organization’s first hired staff. Utilizing their experience as professionals and parents, the two women hoped to establish an autism resource center for the Pee Dee area. Brown had 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, while Pennington developed Pacing 4 Pieces to raise money for the resource center she and Brown hoped to create. 

“Our mission is to offer all services free to all,” Brown said of All 4 Autism. “And the race helps us do that.” 

Brown said that in 2018, the center was able to provide resources to nearly 600 families, offering social groups, educational opportunities, workshops, and more. The workshops and training are offered free of charge, and cover topics related to autism special needs, parenting, and inclusion. 



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