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Stacy Bernal, Author and Mother of Child With Autism, Shares Powerful Message of Overcoming Adversity in New Memoir

Author and coach Stacy Bernal shares powerful lessons about overcoming adversity in her new memoir, "The Things We Don't About."

Fri Jun 05 10:44 AM

Logan Autism Learning Center Begins Using Telehealth for First Time Since 1950

The Logan Autism Learning Center, a Michigan-based organization offering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, has begun using telehealth for the first time in more than half a century.

Thu Jun 04 08:43 AM

Professionals, Parents Share Strategies to Make Face Masks More Comfortable for Children With Autism

Experts and parents in Canada shared strategies last month to make wearing face masks more comfortable for children with autism.

Wed Jun 03 08:51 AM

Researchers Publish Paper Outlining Challenges of Covid-19 Pandemic for Children, Families With Autism

Researchers at the University of Miami have published a paper focusing on the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic for children and families with autism.

Tue Jun 02 11:26 AM

Occupational Therapist Creates “Magical Molly” Persona for Children with Autism and their Parents

During the Coronavirus quarantine, an occupational therapist from Missouri is teaching children with autism through her "Magical Molly" educational videos.

Mon Jun 01 08:41 AM

Writer Rebecca Brand Discusses Instilling Pride, Self-Esteem in Her Daughter With Autism

In an article this month, writer Rebecca Brand discussed encouraging self-acceptance in her daughter with autism.

Thu May 28 12:12 PM

Couple Creates Adventist Family Support Network to Help Families Dealing with Autism

To help families and children living with autism, one couple, Keiny and Marlon Goulart, created the Adventist Family Support Network for the Autistic Family (RAAFA).

Wed May 27 08:34 AM

Sensory Issues and Facemasks: Mother of Son With Autism Shares Advice

In an article this month, writer Shannon Des Roches Rosa described the challenges of wearing facemasks for people with autism, including her 19-year-old son.

Tue May 26 09:42 AM

Savannah Patterson, Essay Finalist With Autism, Describes Fighting Hate With Love

Savannah Patterson, a high school senior with autism, spoke out against hate and bullying in her essay for the Stop the Hate Youth Speak Out contest.

Fri May 22 08:49 AM

18-Year-Old Chicagoan With Autism Graduating Valedictorian

Ellie Lymon, an 18-year-old Chicago resident with autism, has overcome challenges to graduate at the top of her high school class.

Thu May 21 08:41 AM