Autism Workshop on Emotional Regulation Helps Children Identify What Zone Their Feelings Are In

Tzirel L. Soloff speaking at the “Understanding, Teaching, and Fostering the Development of Emotional Regulation,” workshop

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2020 / -- On Thursday, Jan 30, Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices (SKHOV) hosted a free workshop at Touro College, focusing on emotional regulation in children with autism. The workshop, titled “Understanding, Teaching, and Fostering the Development of Emotional Regulation,” was conducted by Tzirel L. Soloff, a behavior analyst working with students at SKHOV.  

The presentation focused on the importance of self-regulation and emotional control for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and related diagnoses, as well as valuable teaching strategies, self-monitoring tools, and data tracking systems. The presentation defined education as not only providing academic knowledge but offering the social and emotional tools children require in order to thrive and succeed. 

In her presentation, Ms. Soloff explained that some children self-regulate naturally, others don’t need to, because they don’t feel their emotions as strongly, and some don’t regulate at all. Ms. Soloff emphasized that self-regulation is vital for social communication and understanding, and academic success, and that students with autism are capable of learning to understand and label their feelings and make conscious choices about their behavior.  

With regard to teaching self-regulation, Ms. Soloff explained that just labeling emotions is not sufficient, and that coping strategies and specific instructions for all emotional states must be included.  

Ms. Soloff’s presentation outlined “zones of regulation,” with different colors corresponding to different emotional states. The presentation also outlined a “toolbox” of strategies to facilitate emotional regulation.

In conclusion, Ms. Soloff explained that the end goal is for students to identify what zone their feelings are in, and to use the toolbox system to make good choices about their behavior before the behavior escalates.  

“To be an educator you need to focus on the E.Q. (emotional quotient) as well as the I.Q.,” Ms. Soloff said, “the emotional success as much as you focus on the academic success.”  


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