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What is Success?

Every person thinks differently, every person’s success is different, some success means getting a great job, others means being able to do other things in addition to that. So, success is really defined by each one of us.  But whatever it is that makes you feel happy and content is what you need to concentrate on, that is the road to success.

So, there is a book that was written like a lot of years ago in Hebrew Chovot HaLevavot, the things of the heart, the duties of the heart basically, what you need in order to make it.

One of the first things it tells us is, two things, Emunah & Bitachon, faith and trust. If you, early on  get it upon yourself to have faith, and to have trust, yeah everyone knows that America is the greatest country in the world because of one thing, right from the start, the founders of this great nation believe and trusted in G-D, and it’s written all over the dollar bill, “In G-D we trust”

And today many people want to take it off, they are so politically correct, but you know what? It’s not going anywhere because that is the key to success in life, and in order to strive towards a greater purpose, we need that alongside us to give us another thing that is important besides that and it’s a one letter word called passion.  If you have passion, you have the drive, you have the willpower, and you have the other two, that’s all you need in order to go on and shake-up everyone around you in a positive way, that is the word, positive, because all of these things lead to one thing, positivity, your outlook must be positive, anything negative must be removed from your way because negative things can only make things difficult and when difficulties do arrive because it’s never a smooth road, you know that, there is always something that happens that wasn’t in your plan, was not in your goals and you have to deal with it.

There is a lot of adversity that comes along but the most important thing to remember when it does, is you have to remain on top, you have to remain on top of the situation, you have to remain on top of your goal and your focus and you have to remember Emunah Bitachon, Faith and Trust.

I am not losing it, I am not giving up, I am going forward. And those who show strength to adversity are more likely to succeed, those who don’t are vulnerable to the outcomes of the adversity. So, we have to remember to stay on course, we need to grow in life and transform ourselves from being afraid to staying on top of the situation. So, what does this all teach us?

That a person must always be in a positive mode, never say oh it’s never going happen this and that. We had a case here many years ago, where something happened, and we had to go forward, and I’m not going to go more explicit than that and the persons that I entrusted to go forward said to me, oh but we can’t, it’s impossible, it’s never been done.

I said, Emunah Bitachon, you just have to go forward and do what has to be done, and we did it and we overcame it, in a very big way. So that is the most important thing, never ever give up, and they asked recently a very successful person, give us a message that you have for everyone and all they said was “Never give up,” and we know, I’ve mentioned it before. Thomas Edison must have tried 200 times, or maybe more, 2000 times to do the lightbulb, and eventually we all know, it’s named after him because he succeeded, he never gave up because if we do and pursue our course, Hashem will help us prevail.

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