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WSTLC, a NYC School For Children With Autism, Goes the Extra Mile for Students During Quarantine

A NYC-based school for children with autism reached out to students during the Coronavirus quarantine with personally delivered goodie bags.

April is Autism Awareness Month, offering an opportunity for communities and individuals to promote autism awareness and greater inclusion of people on the autism spectrum. Staff at the Washington Street Teaching and Learning Center (WSTLC), a New York-based school that offers individualized programs for children with autism, took advantage of Autism Awareness Day to check on their students, who are currently at home due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report this month by, WSTLC’s teachers had caravans personally deliver goodie bags to the home of each student (the school has 30 students in total). The goodie bags contained Boys Town award certificates that each student has been nominated by their teacher for since schools have closed, as well slime, autism coloring sheets and stickers, a page of positive messages from the staff, and photos of the school’s therapy dogs. The cars delivering the goodie bags also featured Autism Awareness bumper stickers and signs. 

Throughout the school closure, the school’s staff have been in continuous contact with students via Google Classroom, or through direct contact with parents. Celebrating Autism Awareness Day has been a long-standing tradition at WSTLC. According to the school’s website, “faculty and staff are trained in the Boys Town model, which rewards students for appropriate behavior and social skills. All the faculty and staff use uniform language and structures to instill acceptable behavior and social skills.” 


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