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Young Artist With Autism Creates Vibrant, Original Paintings

For many individuals on the autistic spectrum, verbal communication can be a severe challenge. While many individuals with higher-functioning autism can be highly articulate, those who are more severely affected may spend their lives entirely, or almost entirely, non-verbal.

Fortunately, there are other avenues for self-expression to compensate for this handicap. Dominic Killiany, a Massachusetts native with autism, is almost completely non-verbal. At fourteen, he discovered a passion for art, sharing his unique view of the world through striking, vibrant paintings. At 21, Dominic shows no signs of slowing down, having painted almost 200 original pieces.

“Autism is an amazing thing,” Dominic’s mother, Susan Cicconi, told CBS Boston this month. “He has always been pretty much non-verbal, but you can tell he has language.”

Cicconi said she believes her son “understands the feeling of confidence that [his art] gives him and the joy that other people feel when they see his paintings.”

According to CBS Boston’s report, Dominic’s work has been featured in museums and galleries, and he has sold many of his pieces as well. He is currently a student at Boston Higashi, a private school for children and young adults with autism.

Dominic’s work will be featured in Juy at the Heritage Gallery in Whitinsville, Maryland.


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