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A Self-Direction program allows individuals with disabilities and their families to choose, design and manage Medicaid-funded services based on their individual needs and goals. Individuals create and manage a budget, hire support staff, and engage in activities that will enhance integration to live and work in the community. The individual may choose the mix of sports, services, and staff that best suits their needs.

Self-Direction offers increased flexibility to choose the supports that's right for you. You can select the staff you want to work with and make your own schedule, one that works best for you. Overall, it gives you more control over budget. It allows you to structure your life and allocate your OPWDD funds towards community services, home-related subsidies, self-hired care providers, everyday services, sports, memberships and more.

Self-Direction may or may not be right for you. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. That is a decision for you to make with the assistance of your family and friends. But whichever direction you choose, SKHOV is here to support you and ready to provide you with the services you have selected.

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