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The Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment. This place is so relaxing, I come here to reduce anxiety and agitation. The LED spiral sensation panel is hands down my favorite.

Snoezelen, or controlled multisensory environment (MSE), is a therapy for people with autism that consists of placing the person in a soothing and stimulating environment. These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music and scents.
Our Snoezlen room has a variety of sensory experiences. There is musical hopscotch, which lights up and plays a sound according to which square the student lands on.

Students can experience therapeutic light sequences courtesy of the interactive LED spiral sensation panel. The pattern, color and speed of the lights can be adjusted by the students - teaching visual tracking and cause and effect associations.

Our students enjoy the "busy train" activity panel which hovers over the room. It reinforces gross and fine motor skills while providing visual and spatial stimulation.

The room glows with different projections from the solar projector or the laser stars projector, amplified by the mirror ball.

Students are relaxed by a full-body warming massage mat with an integrated fiber-optic light spray, a soft foam rocker or a vibro-music beanbag chair.

Research has shown that multisensory environments supply a wealth of benefits, often providing the student and teacher an opportunity to work on communication, enhance their understanding of each other, and build trust in their relationship.

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